GM Sign-Up Sheet

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Beta Tester GM for the Theatre Noir RPG! It's people like you who bring this game to life.

As a volunteer GM, you get two small advantages as a way for us to say "Thank you!" on behalf of Black Hat Writing (on top of getting to be a part of something awesome!) These perks are unlocked once you have submitted three accepted playtest feedback forms based on your GMing experiences.
--> First, you get free access forever to the most up-to-date .pdf of the Core Rulebook. You will never need to buy the book.
--> Second, you gain honorary membership in the Black Hat Society, an association exclusive to BHW staff and volunteers.

Furthermore, if you hope to join the team of Black Hat Writers, this is a great way to get yourself on the radar and show what you can do.

Have a blast out there :)