Become a Writer!

Hi, thank you for your interest in becoming a writer with Black Hat Writing!

Black Hat Writing is envisioned as a stable of talented game writers, producing our own material as well as contracting out to provide writing and story design to game developers. The most pressing need for writers at the moment is to write story/game modules for our original tabletop RPG, Vigilante. That said, we have other projects in the pipeline that have not been announced yet, which you may be considered for.

The way this works is that you apply to join the Black Hat Writing team. Your application will be considered independent of current project needs. Once/if you are accepted, we can open discussion on current projects, and you may be given a writing assignment that suits your interests and talents. If there is not a project immediately available that's a good fit for you, but you show promise as a writer, then you will be kept on the roster of Black Hat Writers for consideration on future projects. At this time, compensation is handled on a royalty basis.

Note: If you are interested in writing for Vigilante, we strongly recommend that you first fill out the GM Sign-Up Sheet, get a free copy of the game rules in .pdf form, and run a game or three with your friends. This will familiarize you with the setting and rules--critical for writing for it--and also demonstrate to us, through your feedback write-ups, a bit about your writing and storytelling style. That said, this is certainly not a requirement for being considered as a Black Hat Writer.

Second Note: The writing sample you provide will not be used without your permission. However, we cannot promise not to use ideas from your scenario pitches, if only because we may have also, independently thought of those ideas.

Third Note: Take your time to prepare the application materials required below. On page two you will be asked for three 500 word adventure summaries, and on page three you will be asked for your resume and a 2000 word or more writing sample, which does not need to be original.