Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Keep Your GM Happy!

Okay, so, for a second, think of your GM like a Pokemon. You need to care for it so it’ll battle for you. In this context though, “battle” means to create awesome stories for you and your gaming group. Your GM has needs and from personal experience on both sides, if a GM gets those needs fulfilled, you all will have a much more enjoyable time.

Here’s some tips to keep your GM healthy and happy:

1. If there’s a problem, nicely bring it up.
Nothing makes me happier in a game when a player brings up a problem they have with something that is going on, or why that wouldn’t make sense in the universe. It shows that you care what is going on.

2. Appreciation
Remember, GMs take time out of their lives so you can game. Often GMing takes prep before, whether it be plotting or statting out NPCs. A simple “thanks” makes GMs want to keep doing that prep. A “I really enjoyed session” is even better.

3. Player Investment in the Story
Try to get invested in the story if you can. Nothing makes me want to go home and plot more than hearing a few days later from a player a new theory they have about my game. Another player in my campaign writes down notes, so she can know exactly what happened and what her character saw last session. Not only does it help her game, but it also shows that she cares about my story.

4. Player Investment in their Character
GMs love when you go to them asking for things. It shows that you want to help create the world and make the story more interesting. You want your character’s arm ripped off? Cool. Done. You want him to end up happily ever after? Maybe. GMs love when their players are invested in their characters, because then events in-game, whether tragedy or happy events, matter to the players.

5. Build a Camaraderie and Help out Other Players
The last thing you can do to make your GM happy and want to keep GMing for you in to build a camaraderie and help out other players. Did a player make a stupid decision that might have doomed her character? Reassure her out of game. Someone can’t make session without a ride? Offer them a ride. This the most important part of making your GM happy, because helping out other players shows them that you understand that a good session is not only dependent on them, but on all the other people around you.

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