Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Resources Every Player, GM, or Newbies Should Know Exist

So, today we’re taking a break from offering you all advice and making a list of the resources we think everyone GM, player, and newbie should know is out there on the internet.

Places to Learn More and Find Advice:
The most complete resource on this list. It has a list of games to try, info about the community at large and why people play RPGs, advice for newbie players, and tons of newbie GM advice.

RPG Stack Exchange
A great question and answer site for players and GMs. There are questions about system issues, in-group conflict, newbie help and more.

Useful Tools:
It’s an online dice calculator. Great for figuring out probabilities of certain dice rolls.

Great place to find NPC ideas and share your NPC ideas with others.

Great online ambient music. It’s great and they are constantly expanding the library

Books about RPG:

Videos about RPG:

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