Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Campaign Syndrome?

So, recently much has been happening at Black Hat Writing. We’ve been revising and playtesting developing themes with new rules, playtesting a LARP, and playing in lots of games (but that’s sort of normal for us). In the midst of all of this gaming, with our group of gamers - which has grown beyond the size of one normal gaming group - we are being faced with multiple LARPs, campaigns and one-shots.

Just in the last week, I’ve been asked if I can join another campaign, someone thought of a new one-shot idea, the idea of a LARP, and I know of two one-shot ideas that will be played within the next couple of months. Add to the campaigns we already play and it’s a little nuts. Not that I’m not excited to play in these new games or one-shots, since they are new systems, interesting ideas, and people who haven’t GM-ed for me so far. And then I ran across a blog post about New Campaign Syndrome.

What’s New Campaign Syndrome, you ask? New Campaign Syndrome is when a gaming groups or groups constantly starts up new campaigns, while abandoning old ones, with new GMs having to work with limited time and players.

I don’t think my gaming group has this problem. Usually, we schedule our games around a type of seniority, For example, the oldest campaign has precedence followed by another campaign and then one-shots. However, is this mentality fair to new GMs? And does this allow for a mix of genres or systems?

Usually the way our gaming groups end up working is a new GM tries a one-shot and if the group likes it enough, it becomes a campaign when we have space. (One of the current campaigns I’m running, as well as two previous campaigns started this way.) We don’t switch campaigns that much, but it’s always fun when a new system is brought it to test out or a new GM tries their hand at GMing.

Honestly, the fact remains that we all don’t have endless time to roleplay. As usual with my advice, I think a balance is nice. Long campaigns are great, but variety is also wonderful. Do what fits your group.

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