Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Immersion: Is it Essential?

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This post comes to you from a recent problem we've been having in an RP with some of the players, that they tend to get into out-of-character talking kinda easily. I don't get that annoyed by this, but my co-GM hates it.

One of the most recent things I've seen around the internet is lots of discussion surrounding whether tabletop RPG requires total immersion into the world. Though I know a lot of people, including my co-GM, who aspire for complete immersion, with everything either being in-character talking or out-of-character explanation of actions and the world around them, honestly, tabletop RPG is difficult to totally immerse oneself in. Most immersing experiences are with yourself, whether it be watching a movie or a tv show, playing a video game, or reading a book. It's about you and whatever media you are consuming and interacting with. Since, tabletop RPG is, at its core, about interacting with others, this is a bit more difficult.

Also, tabletop RPG is at its core, a game. There are rules and other players to worry about. This might be one of the reasons I find combat less interesting, as a player and a GM. We have to worry about the rules and who does what, and everything slows down while everyone tries to figure out their actions. We get pulled out the immersing world and realize, "Oh wait. It's just a game."

Not that I don't like the not immersion aspects as well. I really enjoy the asides and inside jokes that come out of any tabletop RPG, and I do not think a session of the current campaign we are running would be complete without at least one. Some of my closest friends are people who I've bonded with through tabletop RPG, when we were in and out of character.

Like almost everything else I talk about here, immersion and not immersion are things you should try to balance when you play tabletop RPG. Also, as usual, figure out what works with your group.

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