Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Black Hat Writing!

With Christmas coming so soon, I've been thinking about utilizing elements of the holiday season, and for that matter, any holiday into a tabletop RPG game. In fact, the first game I ever experienced within the Theatre Noir system, which turned into a campaign, started with one idea. EVIL SANTA.

The head creator of Theatre Noir was told he was running a game one December day, for later that evening. So, he thought: it's December, why not run a game with an evil Santa? Evil Santa turned into a long session involving a shopping mall, climbing in vents, and people going insane and getting injured, that eventually turned into a complete campaign. 

I think holidays, especially those based in religion or mythology, are great to use in a tabletop RPG setting because most players should know the source material. The reason the session worked with an evil Santa was because something adorable and traditionally for children was turned on its head. Also, parties provide great ideas for sessions. 

Also, holidays traditionally are times when family comes together. In my experience, characters in long campaigns eventually become a type of dysfunctional (or functional, depending on the game) family. Why not play with this idea and through some holiday influence into your next game? Maybe run a Valentine's Day inspired game in February? 

Have any great stories involving holidays and tabletop rpg? Want to try running a game in the Theatre Noir system? Feel free to comment or send us an email at support@blackhatwriting.com.

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