Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Player-GM Mismatch

Lately, I've seen a lot of discussion on blogs and message boards about player-GM mismatch, usually in the form of whining about a GM or asking how to kindly tell a player/GM that they don't fit into a group. (To be fair, we did do a discussion of problem players) However, I recently found a few blogs that discussed how a GM can deal with not fitting what the players want and offered the advice of splitting the difference and playing a game that you both like elements of, instead of punishing your players.

While this is great advice, I think the author of these blogs are missing a few elements.

1. The GM is there so that the players have a good time. They aren't there to serve your plot, you are there to serve their role-playing needs. That being said, you still should have fun GM-ing. Which brings me to point 2....

2. Sometimes gaming groups/GM combinations don't work out. Sometimes it just doesn't work. As a GM (and a player) you should know what kind of games you like to play in and run. For example, I would never want to GM a hack-and-slash game, as a person who likes to GM situations that involve social role-playing. It just wouldn't be fun for me.

3. You should talk about what kind of game you all want to play. (refer to our blog post about communication) I know this is harder when a GM is running a one-shot, but ask your players before session what they want out of the game, if you tend to have trouble with this. With a campaign, ask your players what they want out of a game and have them tell you what things in session they enjoyed and which they didn't. It will help you all have more fun. Remember: it's no fun to GM for bored/annoyed/angry players.

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