Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parties, Holidays, and Balls

Since we just had Halloween (by the way how was your Halloween?), I thought we’d discuss the fun of putting parties, holidays, fairs, and balls into your tabletop RPG campaign. I’ve personally never added Halloween itself, but there have been supernatural fairs, raves, and various changes of power which culminated in a party.

The advantage of a party or fair, or any large event with a lot of NPCs, is that you have a lot of people in small space. You can cause chaos, hiding villains among all the partygoers. The amount of people is camouflage for your NPC’s awful actions, and it forces your PCs to become the hero.

Also, parties and fairs often add a theme to a session. For example, I recently ran a session where the PCs attended a masked ball, with the theme of the session being disguise and uncertainty, with the villain impersonating others. Music was added to make the theme more obvious.

The third advantage of having an event within a campaign is that it is interesting and different, for the characters and the players. The characters get to dress up or let loose.

Speaking of Halloween, we’d love to hear your best scary stories. What’s the scariest thing you’ve encountered in an RP? Why was it so scary?

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