Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Long and Often Do You Play?

Another element of tabletop role-play that varies by gaming group is length of session. Some groups like sessions that take about 2 hours, while others enjoy games that go all day and all night. Still other gaming groups like session that are 2 parts or are continuous, only stopping when time runs out. How long do you like sessions? On average, within the group I normally play with, sessions run about 5-8 hours, though some sessions are much longer. Often it depends on whether the session is semi-self contained, almost like an episode of a tv show, a plot within a much large plot, or a continuous session with one long campaign.

In general, one-shots, sessions before long breaks, and final sessions tend to run longer, since everyone wants to get all the plot and loose ends wrapped up in that one period of time.

Do you find that certain systems tend to take longer or shorter to run? From personal experience, I find that more rules or house rules a certain group plays with, whether through constant rolling or just lots of rules built into the system, the longer session takes to run. One of my favorite mechanics of Theatre Noir is that a GM (who we call Director in our system) has the ability to use not very many basic rules, or lots of complicated rules, depending on their preference and gaming group.

On that note, how often does your gaming group meet? Do you like once a week, biweekly, or some time span longer than that? As a GM, my schedule only allows me to plan out a session every 2 weeks, but I am more than happy to play more frequently than that. What tends to work for you?

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