Monday, June 3, 2013

Join the Black Hat Society

Hey, everyone!

We have had another busy week here at Black Hat Writing. We have two more new members of our team, and are working through the third revisions.

We need your help, though. We need playtest GMs, people to run games so we can see if there are any problems with the system.

If you become a playtest GM, you get the great advantage of becoming a part of the Black Hat Society! As a volunteer GM, you get two small advantages as a way for us to say "Thank you!" on behalf of Black Hat Writing (on top of getting to be a part of something awesome!) These perks are unlocked once you have submitted three accepted playtest feedback forms based on your GMing experiences. First, you get free access forever to the most up-to-date .pdf of the Core Rulebook. You will never need to buy the book. Second, you gain honorary membership in the Black Hat Society, an association exclusive to BHW staff and volunteers. The Black Hat Society is an exclusive association that allows you access to special events open only to those in the society, early access to future products, and exclusive access to behind the scenes material, as well as possible other perks.

If you have any questions or would like to help us in any way, email us at

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