Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Themed Rules

Hey everyone!

Here at Black Hat Writing we are in the midst of the third round of revisions of our first game. With these revisions are coming great changes.

One of the biggest changes currently happening is the changing of the game to reflect more of an influence of theater. For example, The GM or Storyteller is now being referred to as the Director. Part of these revisions involves a possibly changing the name of our game to something that reflects the theater influences on its creation.

Another big change is the separation of the rules into basic rules and themes. Themes will be extra rules that can be added or subtracted from the rules of a particular game as the Director sees fit, depending on the style and direction of the game. There are currently five themes: Action, Gritty, Comedy, Drama, and Horror. Action will include more fighting rules and a more in depth damage system. Gritty will include survival, health, and medicine rules. For example, rules for how to deal with poisons, illnesses, and fixing broken bones will be included here. Comedy will include rules for bonuses if your character makes wisecracks and jokes in-game. Drama will involve more rules involving interpersonal interactions between characters. Horror will include the full Sanity and Insanity rules. What do you all think of these new themes? What do the words Action, Gritty, Comedy, Drama, and Horror bring to mind in terms of RPG rules? Are there any themes you think are missing? Leave us a comment below.

Once we finalize these changes, you all will receive more behind the scenes information. You can get even more behind the scenes information and access in the future by becoming a playtest GM, and joining the Black Hat Society.

For more information on the Black Hat Society and the other perks associated:

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