Sunday, January 20, 2013

Before the Dawn, there was a Light in the East

All great journeys begin with a single step. It is known.

Today, we have the pleasure of announcing the first step of a journey: Black Hat Writing is opening its doors.

Black Hat Writing is envisioned as a game writing outfit, which will bring under its roof a stable of skilled game writers. On our own, we will write, produce and publish tabletop rpgs, supplements, and adventure modules. We will also contract with game developers to provide story development, writing, and even game design.

The proprietor of Black Hat Writing is Ashton Saylor, an award-winning gamebook author and game designer with grander dreams and more writing work than he can reasonably manage on his own. Ashton Saylor is already juggling a number of writing projects, including publication, under the Black Hat Writing label, of a wholly original tabletop RPG by the name of Vigilante: Dark Justice.

The first major project, which BHW is recruiting writers for right now, is to publish a Storyteller's Companion to accompany the Core Rulebook of Vigilante: Dark Justice. The Storyteller's Companion presents additional, optional rules for adding supernatural elements to the otherwise wholly mundane world of Vigilante. Each chapter of the Storyteller's companion is written by a separate author, under the guidance of the core vision, as developed by Ashton Saylor.

There is also an unnanounced project in the works, and several more projects in the pipeline. While at the moment, proprietor Ashton Saylor is the primary writer for Black Hat Writing, over time he hopes to move into a more administrative and creative direction type of role.

Regardless, stay tuned for great things coming down the line :)

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